Why join?

By joining OPEN-SCS you support the development and maintenance of the standard. We recognize two types of members:

  • End-user companies
    These are companies who are members of the supply chain. They are either using OPEN-SCS now, or intend to in the future.
  • Solution provider companies
    These companies offer ISA-95 Level 2-4 serialization solutions to end-user companies. They are either offering the OPEN-SCS standard as part of their solutions today, or intend to do so in the future.

Benefits of Membership

Participate in the standard specification definition
Contribute to the definition of the priorities of the group
Access to the standard draft documents
Access to URS/FS/OQ/IQ/UA Companion Spec templates
Access to Validation Plan and Validation Test Report
In preparation: Priority & discounts on testing & certification of solutions including usage of OPEN SCS certified logo
Be part of this industry revolution