OPEN-SCS was formed after the conclusion of the “First Roundtable on Open Architecture for Track and Trace”, an ad hoc meeting held on September 24, 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. Over 80 people from 49 different companies participated in that meeting, including:

  • 18 Vendors of local systems
  • 12 Vendors of enterprise systems
  • 13 Consultancy
  • 24 Pharma and Healthcare companies

The meeting participants concluded the following:

  • Lack of standardization in packaging line serialization / T&T
  • Available solutions apply high-cost custom plant interfaces
  • Users don’t want / can’t be locked in with 1 vendor or architectural landscape due to high M&A level in healthcare
  • Current plant integration standards cover most but not all needs: ISA-95/88/B2MML, EPC-IS, OPC-UA, PackML
  • A new standard set of specifications and guidelines are required to meet compliance deadlines
  • Need a governing body to take global ownership
  • Need funding to hire Experts SME and Leader