Open-Serialization Communication Standard

Mission Statement

Allow functional interoperability of serialization-solutions in order to seamlessly integrate the operations and business processes across organizations and regulatory bodies, aligning with other industry groups and standards whenever appropriate.

Open Serialization Communication Standard

From The Chairman, Marcel de Grutter

We should never forget that one of the main key-drivers to implement serialization is to fight counterfeit and save people lives! That is why it is an honor for me to lead the OPEN-SCS and to work with companies and experts who contribute with funds, time and knowledge to develop an OPEN standard that is available to everyone. We are not replacing existing standards but closing the loop. That is not an easy task, but we are striving to develop end-to-end solutions and not patching band-aids. " -- Marcel de Grutter, Liaison Regulatory & Government Affairs, Global Supply Chain, Established Pharmaceuticals Division, Abbott Healthcare Products B.V., and Chairman of OPEN-SCS. Read More

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Diagram 1: OPEN-SCS Block Diagram

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Diagram 2: Six Serialization Packaging Solution Configurations targeted for support by OPEN-SCS

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